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Memory Worship

Memory Worship – worship for those with and without Dementia

What is Memory Worship and who is it for?

It is our vision in Memory Worship, that people with or without dementia can approach God, worship and praise God and feel God’s caring presence together. Worship can be a channel for recalling the past, creating feelings of comfort, familiarity and spiritual fulfillment. We all have a continuing need to worship and experience a loving encounter with God and the afternoon will take a regular pattern of welcome; singing well-known hymns, reading familiar passages of scripture and saying the Lord’s Prayer together. The formal part of the service will last 30 minutes, before leading into a craft activity and hospitality, which provide an opportunity for conversation to reinforce the theme of the service. Memory Worship is held monthly using a consistent and informed group of volunteers. This year’s programme has been designed around the Christian Festivals. The programme can be found at the link below.

Wesley Memory Worship Programme 2018

Memory Worship takes place from 2pm-4pm on the 3rd Monday of the month at Wesley.