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Community Survey

As we plan for the future post-Covid, we want to make sure that Wesley is working for our community and providing what you need – both in worship and services, and more broadly. What we are doing well, and things we could look to add, improve or adapt.
We have created a survey which consists of 8 questions – this can be filled in anonymously online at
Alternatively, you can send your answers to the below questions to or share your thoughts and ideas with any of the leadership team.
1. Do you currently go to a church (either Wesley or a different church) or access any online services?
2. What would make church more appealing to you? eg. services at different times/days/content of services
3. What are the most important things to you with regards to a church? Please choose all that apply.
Church culture / Inclusivity / Service content and style / Church involvement in the community / Youth provision / Service length /
Location / Church community / Biblical teaching / Other (please specify)

4. What type of worship services most appeal to you? Please choose all that apply.
Contemporary / Family-focused / Traditional Liturgy (eg a set service from a worship book) / Youth-led / Meditative / Contemplative / Small-group / Discussion-based / Formal / Informal / Participatory / Creative or Craft-based / A Service of Holy Communion / Traditional Morning Worship (Hymns/Sermon/Prayers) / Other (please specify)
5. What type of music do you like in church services? Please choose all that apply.
Traditional hymns (e.g. played on the organ) / Contemporary music and worship songs / Songs you remember from school / A mixture of styles / Other (please specify)
6. In terms of childcare & youth provision, which of the following statements apply to you? Please choose all that apply.
I am interested in family-focused services and events / I am interested in services aimed at adults, with childcare or youth provision / I am interested in services aimed at adults, without childcare or youth provision / Childcare or youth provision is important to me at church or during services / I would need creche facilities
7. What is your current view of the church/Wesley Methodist in particular? Please be honest!
8. Any other comments?