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Julia’s Newsletter – February 2017

The Global Village of 100 People Thank you to all the people that contacted me following last month’s editorial on counting our blessings. Several of you had visited the Eden Centre, and suggested that I look at the piece on global statistics where patterns of inequality are pictured as a global village of 100 people. […]

Julia’s Newsletter for January 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR You crown the year with your goodness. And Your paths drip with abundance. Psalm 66:11 If you wake up each morning, you are blessed to shine, to live and to serve in a new day. If you own a Bible, you are abundantly blessed – about 1/3 of the world does not […]

Advent Reflections 2016: No. 3 – Grace

Advent Reflections 2016  Grace: It’s all God’s gift Let us give thanks to the Father for making us fit to share in the inheritance of the saints in light. In him we have redemption and the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1: 12-13  Paul’s message of Good News is clear. It is God who makes us […]

Julia’s Newsletter for October 2016

I have just come in from Highlands Toddler group where we have been exploring the topic of feelings. There is nothing so intimidating as a group of 2 year olds showing you on mass their “cross face.” They don’t hold anything back and are totally committed to the course of action. Equally, there is nothing […]

Julia’s Blog for November 2016

  The radio is on in the background as I write, reporting that the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are converging on Iraq’s second city, Mosul. It is estimated that 6000 ISIL fighters are trying to hide amongst the 1 million civilians including hundreds of thousand of children. As I listen to the reporting, […]

Advent Reflection 2016: No. 1 – Peace

Advent Reflections 2016: Peace ‘You shall be my people, and I shall be your God.’ Jeremiah 30: 22 I was talking to a man the other month, who said that he had undertaken an endevour to read the whole of the Old Testament. Thinking of him reciting all the laws of Deuteronomy, and genealogies in […]