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Steve’s Newsletter – October 2020

‘In some parts of Mexico hot springs and cold springs are found side by side – and because of the convenience of this natural occurrence the women often bring their laundry and boil their clothes in the hot springs and then rinse them in the cold ones. A tourist, who was watching this procedure commented […]

Steve’s Newsletter – September 2020

Looking out of my patio window as I write this letter, I’m surprised by the amount of brown leaves appearing on the oak tree at the bottom of my garden. On closer inspection, I actually realise that many leaves have already fallen, and my lawn is covered in acorns. It only seems like a couple […]

Steve’s Newsletter – August 2020

I’m sure that we have all become very familiar with the slogan above! But that is still the overriding responsibility for those leading churches, as well as those who don’t. Many have been asking when we are going to open for Sunday worship again, as some churches, but not all, have already returned to a […]

Steve’s Newsletter – July 2020

I wonder what goes through your mind when you think of the word confession? For many, when they hear ‘confessing your sin’, they think it’s reserved for monks in a monastery or of paying penance to God by entering a church confessional. But the Bible teaches us it is an important practice for the life […]

Steve’s Newsletter – June 2020

‘A man in his middle years was on a Caribbean cruise. On the first day out, he noticed an attractive woman about his own age who smiled at him in a friendly way as he passed her on the deck, which pleased him. That night he managed to get seated at the same table with […]

Steve’s Newsletter – May 2020

I sit writing this letter mid-April just before Easter, wondering what the month of May will hold for us as a church and as a nation. It’s been very strange and quite disheartening us not being able to meet together, and only having conversations with folk over the phone or over the internet. (video chats) […]

Steve’s Newsletter – April 2020

HOW THINGS CAN CHANGE IN A MONTH! This time last month Coronavirus was something other countries were dealing with but now, we find ourselves right in the middle of a virus outbreak and in unprecedented times. Everyday new statements are coming out from the government and medical experts and the changes can be difficult to […]

Steve’s Newsletter – February 2020

At this time of year, for some of us, the deadline for self-assessment tax has come, and gone! Whilst on the Martin Lewis website, [] I noticed an article about what HMRC says are some of the most bizarre excuses for late tax returns that they have received over the past decade. They are: 1. […]

Steve’s Newsletter – January 2020

So, how many of you made New Year resolutions? Over the years I’ve made many; • To lose weight • To do more exercise • To save money • To be better at staying in touch with family and friends etc. But unfortunately, often before I’ve even reached the end of January, some, if not […]