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Camino Way Trip – May 2017

On 27 May an intrepid group flies to Santiago de Compostela to attempt the Camino de Santiago an 800km (500 miles) pilgrim route.

‘Hang on!’ I hear you cry: ‘Did you say 800km?’  Well, actually yes I did. But relax. We are just covering the 115km (70 miles) from Sarria to Santiago. We’ll take 5 days to do that.

The pictures above show our destination.

Meanwhile by contrast, the picture below shows the tiny, humble Ponte de Aspera (‘Rough Bridge’), the first river crossing we will make after leaving Sarria. Only 113km to go at this point…


We are (in no particular order) Ian Lowe, Karen Lister, Julia and Sam Monaghan, Beth Monaghan, Richard Joules, Julia Fletcher, Sally Rawthore, Paul Brown, Phil Broomhead, Jan Andrews, Helen Boyd, Heather Swain, David and Lynn Gregory, Isobel and Anna Wratislaw, Andrew and Lesley Hyde, Anne Jarrett.


We will endeavour to provide blog updates throughout the trip, which can be found under the ‘Guest blog’ section under the ‘Blogs’ tab on the main menu.