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40 Acts

40 Acts during Lent

Above: The 40acts interactive display in the church (L) and Wesley Preschool’s display in the foyer (R)


We are now in the season of Lent, the 40 days in the lead up to Easter. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday – the day after Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day.

Often, people give up something during Lent. This year, Leigh Wesley Methodist & Friends are taking part in #40Acts, which encourages us to think about how we can use Lent as a preparation for a lifetime of generosity. The groups involved include, alongside Wesley Church, Leigh North Street School, Wesley preschool, Highlands Methodist Church, Belfairs Methodist Church, The Zone on Sunday, Cameo House Group and Friday House Group, and the Sarah Moore pub are looking to get involved with our local Age Concern.

The acts don’t have to be big, and they don’t have to cost any money. It could be visiting a neighbour, or a sick relative, or cheering someone up when they are feeling down. 40acts – 40 days of lent, 40 reflections, 40 simple acts of generosity.

For more information on 40Acts, or to sign up as an individual, please go to

Here are some of the acts of kindness and generosity so far. We are sharing these as ideas and as an encouragement to others, and to celebrate small acts that have made a big difference in our community.

Week 1

* Someone has signed up to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness and will follow the suggestions made.

* One man bought his regular foodbank shop, but doubled the amount as an act of kindness and put it all in our Wesley collection.
* Another person made extra phonecalls to three lonely people.
* Someone from Wesley has joined the Action For Children; Count Your Blessings 2017 Appeal.
* Another person has made an extra visit to a sick friend.